The Dog Adoption house will be closed for the 4th of July but we will reopen on Tuesday, the 5th at 1:30. Stay safe and please secure your pups before the fireworks begin. ...

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Happy July 4 🇺🇸💥 ...

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Sending out a BIG THANK YOU to all of our fosters who helped out a dog or puppy in need during this week & the holiday weekend! We appreciate all 28 of you - Ann C., Rebecca S., Renee B., Angel & William S., Morgan L., Arsianna M., Amy C., Hansel H., Clare & Bill S., Jackie C., Traci N., Julie L., Celeste & Mike R., Kathy S., Paris B., Tiffany C. & Valerie B., Cherie A., Samantha P., Michelle K., Grace B., Luisa R., Kerry C., Paula S., Holly W., Kathryn W., Julie O., Lauren P., & Louise K. ...

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"That dog don't hunt!"
JOE- male beagle, 4 years old. Sweet, affectionate and calm, good with other dogs (of course he is- he is a beagle!) and children.
Joe can be seen daily at The Adoption House. Apply to adopt in person.

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THANK YOU to all of our foster dads, moms, & families this week! We appreciate you - Ann C., Alexis B., Angel & William S., Arsianna M., Ashley B., Audrey B., Caroline Z., Cherie A., Clare & Bill S., Julie L., Julie O., Kathryn W., Kathy S., Kerry C., Louise K., Luisa R., Michelle K., Nathan H. & Morgan L., Paris B., Paula S., Rachel & Paul H., Samantha P., Sharon C., Tiffany C. & Valerie B. ...

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Q: I can't commit to long-term fostering. Can I still foster?
A: Yes! Foster when you can, for as long as you can! A couple days, a weekend, whatever works for you - it all helps!

Q: I don't have a dog. Do I have to get supplies & food for a foster dog?
A: No! We provide everything you need - even a kennel.

Q: Can I get service hours for fostering?
A: Yes! We do offer service hours for fostering; however, whether they are acceptable to your school or organization depends on them.

Q: No one is home during the day at my house. Is it ok to leave the dog at home alone?
A: FOTA is different from most other foster programs. Dogs come to The Dog Adoption House daily to be seen by the public & hopefully adopted. Think of it like daycare - drop off in the morning & pick up in the afternoon.

Q: How old do you have to be to foster?
A: 19

Q: How do I know what kind of dog I will get?
A: We match you with a dog that meets your size & age requirements as noted in your foster application.

Q: How can I apply to foster?
A: Apply online www.friendsoftheanimalsbr.org/foster or come by The Dog Adoption House to apply in person (8476 Highland Road).

Q: I understand shelters are overcrowded. How does fostering for a rescue like FOTA help?
A: FOTA's dogs & puppies come from area shelters. When you foster for FOTA, it enables us to take dogs out of shelters thereby helping to alleviate the overcrowding.

Do you have more questions? PLEASE ask in the comments! We'd be happy to answer! Thank you for considering being a foster!

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Thank you for all of your support through the years, Orvis! 🥰 ...

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Rocky’s getting a little nap in at Orvis today- dreaming of a forever home. ...

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Come visit us at Orvis today until 3!! ...

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Our Mission

Our mission is to rescue, re-home, or otherwise save as many dogs and puppies as possible from the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).

Our goal is to treat every heartworm positive dog that is adopted at the Dog Adoption House. 

Since starting in 2010, FOTA has found forever homes for more than 7000 animals from the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Area shelters and FASS (Friends of the Animals Alternative to Shelter Surrender) program.

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