The Dog Adoption House

The Dog Adoption House has been a dream of FOTA. We noticed such a difference in the dogs when removed from the shelter that we wanted to open a house where an animal can show its true personality. In June, 2013, our dream came true with a grant from Pennington Family Foundation. The house is open every day of the week, with a maximum of 35 small, medium, and lage dogs. Each size has their own play yard where they are exercised hourly and given lots of love and attention. We think of the house as a doggie daycare. The dogs come to play for the day and then go back to their foster families or back to the shelter after a fun day away.

FOTA Facts

FOTA is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit that began in January 2010 to improve the conditions for the animals at EBR Animal Control including purchasing two buildings used for vet services and a place for kittens. At that time, FOTA established off-site adoptions for the shelter and began the volunteer and foster program at the shelter.

In 2013, FOTA changed directions and became a rescue;thereby, pulling animals from the shelter to be a part of our family. PASS (Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender) is a FOTA program that helps re-home dogs while still living in their homes. Our goal was to open a house in south Baton Rouge to adopt out our animals.

We wanted a home like environment where people could relax and see the animals interact when not stressed in a shelter.

Fosters are a critical aspect of our program. Fosters allow us to pull more dogs that can attend the house.

Board and Advisors

2018 Board Members

Founder and Executive Director: Paula Schoen

Cindy Berggreen
Pam Picou Chenevert
Sharon Coleman
Debbie Davenport
Andrea Fontenot
Hansel Harlan
Laura Jones
Melanie Jones
Sigrid Kelsey
Julie Loftin
Claire Melebeck
Lissa O’Neal
Sharon Perez
Paula Schoen
Gracella Simmons
Dexter Stewart
Jack Warner

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