Adoption Process

Thank you for your desire to adopt a dog! We use an adoption application process to place dogs in a forever home.  Once you find a dog you would like to adopt, please fill out an adoption application in person at The Dog Adoption House. To expedite the process, we do require from your vet proof of annual shots and heartworm prevention for any dogs already in your household. Your application is approved by the foster.

You must be 19 years of age or older to adopt. There are no refunds on adoptions after 3 days. We encourage you to bring your whole family to meet the dog you wish to adopt. If you already have a family dog, after your adoption application is approved, FOTA will schedule and facilitate a meet-and-greet with the dogs.

After Adopting

It is important to realize that it may take a few days for your new dog and any other dogs in your home to settle in. We have a trainer to help if you have any questions or issues. It is better to ask a question and initiate any necessary action rather than to allow a problem to continue unchecked. If after a length of time, you feel you must return the dog, you will be asked to foster your dog until a FOTA foster is found. None of our dogs go back to the shelter. As our foster dogs live with us, we get to know their personalities and temperaments. We make every effort to find the right match between our dogs and their new families so that it can be a good and rewarding experience for all involved.

Adoption Locations

Dog Adoption House

(8476 Highland Rd, Baton Rouge)

MondayFriday  11:30am-5pm
Saturday and Sundays- 11am-3pm

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